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    1. This is a very physically fit, hot young woman, who wears sexy bikinis at the beach and swims in competition. All you homos are just bagging on her because you know she wouldn’t talk to any of you dweebs.

    2. I stand by my previous statement. But to each his own, I guess. Just saying, you’re the one calling other people gay for not being attracted to chicks who look like built guys. I mean, whatever. You wanna run around calling people homos for being attracted to WOMEN, not CHICKS WHO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE GUYS, that’s fine.

    3. She doesn’t look at all like a guy. That’s why you’re a fag, because you can’t recognize an attractive woman when you see one, since all you think about are dicks in your ass anyway. Or, you’re just pretending she’s unattractive, like I said, because it gives you a sense of power or control over your pathetic inability to get girls to talk to you, let alone fuck you.

    4. So your claim is that I am gay for not being attracted to a female due to what I see as masculine qualities? Nice logic, twit.

    1. FAKE 2lolo or I call you FRED.. FRED you love to get your ASS Rape for $5.00… But I did Rape your Sister Ass many times…

  1. Yeah, normally wears a sexy swimsuit, today she has to wear a competition swim suit. What’s wrong with that. EF, Y U try to discourage sexy swimsuit wearing??

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