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    1. no need for that, i’m italian and i have no problem to say that she’s italian too, she’s stupid and ugly as F**k, btw probably she’s just italo-american

    2. Now wait for some uneducated idiot to think this is an Italian flag when in reality, it’s Mexican. Know why, genius? Because Sunday, September 16th was Mexican Independence Day. Now, run along to Wikipedia and look it up. Lord knows you’re a complete failure at everything academic.

    3. Yes, I’m a complete failure at EVERYTHING ACADEMIC because I don’t have the dates of every other countries holidays memorized. Perfectly reasonable. Clearly I skipped my “memorize all spic holidays” class and just don’t understand anything. You, of course, must be a superior intelligence that has every American holiday memorized and not just another butthurt Mexican being a whiny self-righteous drama queen, right? Sure, that’s probably it.

    4. If it’s any consolation to you Rippy, this guy is most likely the son of a prostitute and will be shot trying to cross the border illegally to secure work as a freeway-exit orange salesman, you uneducated idiot.

  1. Really??? For someone to post such a rude comment, you can’t even spell correctly. I am pretty sure you should have put *Academically* (:

  2. so much pride in there country that is the arm pit of Americas. It is like me going to china to live permanently and boasting about america they wouldn’t give a sh!t and we dont give a rats ass about your stupid sh!t flag or what dump you came from!!!!

  3. The only reason I can think of her doing that is beacause she was going to an talian or Mexican featival, T least god I hope so. Also it doesn’t she has any friends to help.her and say ” oh help no, , take that shit off.right now.”

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