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    1. Next time keep your mouth off of my ass when I’m trying to piss.
      If there was an accent aigu it would mean salted dog. But I’m just a dirty dog…

    2. @ChienSale, A Dog is better than you…. Your just a Homeless Queen who is open for 24 hours a day.. Even FRED has a hard time keeping up with you…..

    3. I know that you have a special place in your heart (and your ASS) for dogs, but get over it, pineapple is gone…

    1. What’s the point? Everybody knows once married a woman rarely has sex again. That’s the ring I think, it contracts the vadge.

  1. so…is that the whole costume? just half a bear face and everything else normal? that’s kinda crappy when you stop staring at her tits and think about it.

  2. Its funny, cover half her face she’s a bear. Cover the other half she’s a cute chick. Cover her whole face and she’s the perfect woman.

  3. If you stare at the picture for 5 min. you will see face of a woman who has a brilliand make up instead of fully shape sexy boobs. Cool.

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