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  1. In Sweden we have a “cheap” commercial with sheeps in it im thinking epicfail might b swedish otherwise this does not make sense…

  2. This is a fail. The person who replied trying to be funny failed. Epic fail just failed for calling his lame joke a win.
    Booooooo! You both lose.

    1. oh wait. it’s an apple joke, not a sheep joke. my mistake.

      I guess we’re supposed to know that those plugs are overpriced or unnecessary or etc? guess you’d have to be an apple user to “appreciate” this.

    2. in fact, now that I think of it aren’t all phone or pretty much any other electronic devices’ accessories and adapters overpriced as hell?

    1. They are saying that the people who buy from Apple are the sheep, and Apple makes adapters so they can buy, basically milking the customers.

  3. apple is milking its customers out of our hard earned money by requiring additional equipment for it’s new iphone, forcing those who use iphone already to purchase more. apple customers are the sheep.

  4. it’s actually very clever. It’s saying that people that buy iPhones are sheep and the charger alone is milking them of their money.

  5. Apple fanboys = sheep, their money is the milk… Obviusly you understood the joke, but you are fanfboy indeed and you got burned… XD happy trails…

  6. The joke is that “milking a sheep” is being used as someone getting someones money, and apple is overpriced and they’re charging for new adapters for the new iphone, therefore Apple is “milking” people out of their money.

  7. This EPIC WIN turned into an EPIC FAIL with the replies that have been posted. “Milk a sheep” The picture meant that Apple is milking the sheep that buy the new iphone 5 because you have to spend a bunch of extra money on adapters because it’s not compatibale with previous iphone accesories.

  8. Hey everyone in case you haven’t realised this is about Apple milking sheep, like the stupid people are all sheep and they are milking money out of them. I’ve got a Galaxy S3, so that means I’m not a sheep.

  9. This is fake, the pistures weren’t there, Yahoo answers doesn’t allow inserted pictures or html. So epic fail obviously put the adapter pics there.

  10. ChienSale, milk a male Sheep by putting his little penis into the sheep butt hole as BBandBracelets lay down on her back with her mouth open….

    1. That’s not true. When I fuck sheep, I do it on the edge of a cliff so that the sheep will push back — on my little penis.

    2. I’ll try to find a more discrete location. In the meantime, can you think of a spot where I can hide my penis?

    1. I think I read his ad in the paper. It said something like ” will milk anything for free as long as its a male and furry, and likes ASS TO MOUTH”.

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