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  1. Yo those look like they paid some crake heads 2 do the job them suits fucked up ironman lookin like wt the fuck and the other 2 just gonna 2 a place were the costumes are better lmfao hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. For homemade costumes, they aren’t that bad – and if they picked the kid up in the airport wearing the costumes, this sounds like a major win for the kid.

    1. pretty sure that’s a mall. there’s absolutely no way they would let people dressed like that past the first room of an airport. would seem to fit with their apparent price range too…

    2. I get my children from Haiti. Special ordered from “Good” Chistian groups that go down there, steal children from their unworthy parents and bring them here so they can live the good Uhmerican sex-trade dream.

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