3D Art Win



Submitted by Jon M.

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  1. this shit is getting so fucking old. Find some new material EF. Keep in mind, you dumb cunts named the website epic fail, not epic win. Stick with the fails.

    1. indeed. But I just googled it: It’s by an Art Studio called “Truly Design” – just google Truly Design Anamorphic Medusa

    2. Holey moley. It IS real!!! I googled what poopr said, and there are picture right there of different angles. Wow. Look at the set of photos on mymodernmet.com

  2. Its covering a window and looks consistent without any real time shadows so its not 3d art. Just 2d art done on a piece of paper, dropped in Photoshop and they probably dropped the opacity down to 75 percent, bam done. cool art, but not 3d :p

  3. Lets all open our eyes and minds before our mouths! This is real and a tiny bit of research will help you realize that, before you open your stupid fats mouths, insulting people when your clearly wrong! Moron!!

    1. I’m sure that I could trace a shadow that is on the ground and walls and shit. Please enlighten me if this is much different. And how is tracing shit an art?
      Maybe I’m just an ignorant fuck, I don’t know. But you know what? I really couldn’t care less.

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