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    1. @GRENOUILLE, Ask Ian.. I think he has a Dick???
      Well Maybe not… Check with Papa Smurf, it could be up his butt hole???

    2. Ces sourcils sont français? Vous rigolez ou quoi?! So that ridiculous eyebrow trend was launched by the french? wait what…

    3. Not sure the trend is French. Quite sure in fact it’s not, ’cause I’ve never seen those in France before. But I can be mistaken. They could’ve been hiding behind bins and posts and such all this time.

    4. HA! As if! As if I were to tell YOU, of all creepy stalkers, where my cute and innocent self hang about!
      Oh, but I’m currently in Switzerland, so that’s okay I guess. I’m from Brittany, but I’ve traveled, and France is not as vast as Canada.

    5. I wouldn’t worry, you’re too far inland for me. The closest I’ve been to you is St. Nazaire. And I’d never go back, too many rednecks.

    1. Same thought. Not enough to say definitively, but my chicks-with-dicks radar is going off. That is to say, I’ve become aroused.

  1. Just imagine how happy she is that your always looking at her eyes while you speak with her,And she is a very Lovely looking woman.

  2. @KELTA.ROSE, Only if you look half as good as her.. You might find some poor soul to marry you… But you don’t.. So keep on BANGING anyone you can…

    1. I think so too! Maybe if women put out more then the men would be less stressed out and pissed off. And since men still run the world, it might do a world of good to help them quit bickering and start coming up with sensible solutions to the problems humanity faces today…

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