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    1. It is sooooo hard to operate a scanner these days, especially when you are trying to scan pics of keltas football field sized anus.

    2. sure so naturally she just did what anyone would do and stole someone else’s. sounds perfectly reasonable.

      maybe when she has the hypothetical baby she can save some more time and just post a stock photo of a baby. because who has time for the real thing?

  1. Maybe they just posted to that same website lol, ever think of that haha. I know when I was preggers I was on a few websites for pregnancy info, they had profiles too.

    1. I’m going to be honest…..the amount of time she spends here and not exercising is probably a good indication of how she looks in real life. So i guess what i’m asking is what company printed you out football field sized pictures for you?

  2. I was hoping it was tumors, always setting myself up for disappointment. I will say that there in no bigger attention whore than the lady that pointed out the fact that she is having a fake pregnancy. She will now be socialistic-ally better, and more credible.

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