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    1. Gay…but dudes, today, apparently, like gay. That’s what I’m guessing is what all this anal shit is all about.
      Gay seems to turn you chicks on, too.
      I guess I’m just out on this one. I’m okay with it, though. I keep finding women that like to have their vadges stimulated. Just sayin’.

  1. Just wait for that knock on the door kids the cops are coming for you now. You must be thick as fudge to post that on the internet but you are American so no intelligence what so ever.

    1. Someone has to press charges and a warrant has to be issued before they can come after you. Police don’t just sit around and watch youtube waiting for someone to break a traffic law and then go after them. Even if they did this video wouldn’t be enough to convict someone, they don’t know what state, city, street, or even the names of the people involved.

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