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    1. The rat crawled out of 2lolos ASS-O while he was shopping for more cheese bung bait. No way I’m roasting that…

    2. He calls it fishing, but its more like he stuffs bits of cheese up his ass and squats over the sewer grate awaiting his next victim/ass-reamer/meal.

    3. @ChienSale, As the Rat came out of my ASS into the Roasting pan….. How was the RAT Dinner with some Shit for FLAVOR….. Your Welcome..

    4. Okay, Mao, you’e got me in a perpetual loop back with that, “your both just as bad in comebacks as each other” shit. That has to be some kinda double-negative shit or something.
      Good fuckin’ goin’.

    5. @RippyMcSlams, Did I ever Bad Mouth you?? NO!!!!
      ChienSale is a Homeless Chinese Fag.. Who lives in China Town…… OPEN 24/7…

    6. Go back to your cardboard box. Bring mao along for a freebie. Oh wait ass is always free from 2lolo. Free genital warts with every visit too!

    1. interesting you would make the assumption he is American. I bet everyone in your country is a spelling bee champ huh

  1. India or Pakistan….PERFECTLY normal for them nd in India they have a temple to worship the rats where people think it is a blessing to drink milk they feed to the rats (big pns that the rats run through and drink) then they drink fter them. Don’t believe me? Google “RAT TEMPLE”

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