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  1. These kind of people are the ones that if they weren’t too shy or have a little bit more of self esteem, they would treat the girl they have even better than any other person in the world.
    hidden love WIN

    1. Uh no, these are the kind of people that have no idea what it’s like to be with a woman and they bail the moment they find out that real women are not cartoon characters.

    2. I kinda get the feeling that being a nice guy wouldn’t make most girls overlook him being a broke ass chubster with mental problems that lives in his mom’s basement.

    3. @John: Exactly what I wanted to say. There are people who wouldn’t know how to treat a lady if their life depended on it. And well, it’s just that kind of people who would rather develop some kind of creepy obsession with either cartoon characters video game chicks… Remember when the “Tomb Raider” series was in its heyday? – Oh my, if the graphics abilities of computers back then had been comparable to what is possible nowadays… computer shops would’ve made a fortune alone by selling new keyboards to the neckbeards who rendered theirs dysfunctional due to severe sperm incrustation.

    4. Correction: this is the kid that will blow up his school because he doesn’t understand why people make fun of him for being weird and being attracted to cartoons rather than humans.

  2. why do you guys think this is fake? how’s this any different than all the other crazy losers that write fanfic about themselves and fictional characters? there’s plenty of people like this out there and worse.

    hell I knew a guy online once who wrote love letters to Commissioner Gordon’s wheelchair-bound daughter.

    1. Yeah man. Sometimes the world is just creepy. But wait…What? Barbara Gordon/Oracle? …actually one of my least favorite DC characters – So that guy even had a shitty taste in comic characters! Geez, that’s about as “forever alone”-y as it gets…

    1. Talking about 2lolo is too obvious. Can you guys talk about something else? Part of me feels like there’s people out there that don’t realize there’s more than one 2lolo. I know I don’t come here as often, but every time I do there’s a 2lolo comment.

    2. @Ximenez: Well, that doesn’t say anything. There are people who have too much time on their hands.
      I think the real question is: Who ELSE is 2lolo? – I’m pretty sure he has a penchant for proxy-samefaggotry

    3. The other 2lolo has made the whole 2lolo thing now slightly more bearable. I too am convinced that the original, side-ways-berserk and fetal alchohol syndrome 2lolo was initially a different person. I think some people exist on this site as several different peeps. They get bored with a persona then move onto the next ‘character’. Whatever happened to AGATT?

    4. I was the other 2lolo for a while, but the game got old. I mean, it was fun, but after a few months you realize that it gets you nowhere. Actually, the only reason I changed was because I accidentally deleted my cookies, so since I had to wait to be moderated anyway I figured I might as well drop the retard bit. Not that I don’t suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome or anything, just to be clear.

    5. Yeah, I know that feeling. I was alive for a while, but I got old. I mean, it was fun, but after a few months you realize that it gets you nowhere. Actually, the only reason I changed was because I accidentally stopped breathing, so since I had to wait to be reanimated anyway I figured I might as well drop the life bit. And now I can haunt this place like, forever.

  3. All this hullabaloo because the poor guy could only get an Asian girlfriend. How quickly we forgot Jeremy Linn. Damn bigots.

  4. This looks like a creepy equally as awkward guy that went to my highschool… still not completely sure whether that’s him or not… ughh

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