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  1. @ Kelta – Hope you fall to your death climbing out of your SUV while texting your friends that don’t really like you anyway. No one likes you – probably never did.

  2. First of all, all the retards making fun of this guy’s handicap deserve to lose their legs themselves.

    But despite that, this is a potential fail, because anyone who knows anything about climbing will point out, that the rope should be between his legs at all times. If he were to slip and fall, his left leg could get caught in the rope, and he could end up upside down.

  3. Too many people complaining in this world , when they have everything they need .. just SHUT UP AND DO YOUR BEST !

    Easily said than done huh?

    1. Yup, I seem to recall someone complaining here about exams and then her period… But I may be mistaken hehe.

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