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    1. Ximenez, that was so polite! Why don’t guys do that more? Just introduce us instead of just intruding on my vagina.

    2. It’s not an American custom. Ximenez has the polite manners of a European- something not seen Stateside for like, 300 years. When I introduce my penis to someone’s mom I skip the handshake and go straight for the double cheek kiss.

  1. Honestly, “Epic Fail” should just change its name to “Epic Win”. Most fails in here tend to be fakes, but it’s really difficult to fake an awesome win.

  2. I don’t understand anything about that. writing names wrong on fucking cups? to mess with the what the fuck now? huh? Best i can do is talk in fake accent? what the?? so fucking what? what win about this? please explain

  3. I guess this is another paradoxical joke where it’s making fun of some stupid popular thing, yet at the same time relies on the fact that you know the finer details of said stupid popular thing that we’re supposed to be hating.

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