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  1. Your all dumb. You don’t realize it doesn’t matter who win the presidency. There just puppets controlled to keep you all blinded like a coachmen and his horses. you’re dumb for believing the news like CNN or Fox.

    1. Oh no! he can’t spell! All of his ideas are worthless! We don’t even know if english is his first language but we’ll ridicule him anyway!

    2. naturally, who better to trust about the secret workings of the American government than some random illiterate foreign guy on the internet.

    3. Yes. Obviously, YOU’RE extremely able to break down, analyze, and come to this conclusion. YOU’RE also very capable of insulting everyone else’s intelligence.

    4. FthisState – I’m going to assume that you’re just some little kid and you’re still in school. Has it ever crossed your little PS3 playing mind that you’ll never be taken seriously by ANYONE if you can’t even form a proper sentence? Clearly not. Your parents must be proud.

    5. Actually Spanish is my 1st language but my point still stands . I’m a recent American and this country is better than my homeland but I see the news and then see the news back home and it’s like two different stories of the same suspect . Maybe because I wasn’t born here I see the truth.

  2. Actually she is allowed to stand there and register whoever she wants. Albiet she is a dumbass thinking she is working for the clerks office. Probably just some fat bitch driving a Caddilac, who works under the table whilst collecting unemployment and any other government assistance possible.
    You know she’s fat because you can hear the cold cuts seaping from her gizzard.

  3. Sadly the blithering twit who took this does not recognize the Left will actually refuse to register non left leaning voters…But then inbreeding (videographer) seems to be rampant today. Dems do this all the time.

    1. Is’nt it usaly a none pardecent person that work the voter regesteation? Who would vote for a.d bag lime Ronnie any way. Guys a racist POS that only cares how to save his own money and dose not seem to give a fuck who looses there livlyhood in the process

    2. @ BOB
      Sorry to be the one to tell you buddy, but someone stole your education. It`s either that or you are a complete imbecile. Sadly it is more than likely both.

  4. So was this girl really working for the County (government)? Or was she just an idiot that didn’t know who was paying her? It could have been private organization with ‘El Paso County’ in the name…

  5. Yada,yada,yada,dit,dit,dit………..No matter who wins the country is in the toilet,and has been since DUBYA put us there.
    Oh my and let me make sure that my comment is grammatically correct so that I don’t get “cyber-bullied” on a site called Epic Fail,because that would be a tragedy.

  6. I don’t get it, I’m not an American, what was the girl doing and what was so wrong with it? besides being for Mitt Romney the moron, or was it mormon? oh well, same thing really.

    1. I’m just want to know what’s pc. I need to know what religions i can bash and which ones i can’t. Is it ok to bash jews? or is that still out of fashion?

    2. If a religion hasn’t learned to take its lumps yet then they are absolutely fair game. Personally, I like making fun of X-tians and Scientologists the most. Islam does enough damage to its own reputation at the moment.

    3. FthisState – Did you get offended by the Mormon comment? Awwww… shouldn’t you be doing your homework? What a tool!

  7. She never says she is only registering republicans. She just said she is trying to get voters for Romney.This is not a voter fraud fail. Voter fraud fail is voting twice in two different districts or being an illegal and voting.

  8. well we all know that the us government is corrupt to the hilt and that obama is probably the biggest puppet in the history of that country ! romney isnt better…the last president who was elected by the people and not selected by sickos was jfk…he worked for the people and got killed by the government !! so any goy working in politics that long without getting killed or pissed on by the media doenst work for his country…its easy as that ! luckily the awakening in the us is getting bigger but still theres a whole bunch of ignorants thinking the us is the best and most powerfull country not knowing that the rest of the world is laughing about their politics

    1. because that’s how real life works. if people laugh about your politics you magically lose all your power and that makes the secret evil lizardmen overlords sad.

  9. What scares everyone the most is that a large majority of you can vote, can’t spell, read at a third grade level and still can’t spot a set-up. We really are doomed as a nation.

  10. What a shame… she was cute… maybe she’s gonna get her arse kicked…
    Well… once again I’m really not unhappy NOT to be American…

  11. Don’t hate. Romney has cute little white girls why Obama had angry black men in berets. Rodmey upped the stakes. Its just business.

  12. She is just a kid doing what she was paid to do. If she fully understands politics i’m a monkeys uncle. It’s a fail on who sent her to stand in front of the grocery store and register people.

  13. Do people not understand that both parties do this? Hell democrats drive around in buses on election day picking up fucking homeless people…

    1. course they don’t. just like they are all shocked and amazed by the Howard Stern Obama voters interviews because they are so lacking in imagination that they never realize that anyone could just as easily make a video about Romney voters, or iphone users, or anything massively popular really. all it takes is patience and editing.

  14. if i cared enough to even vote, id simply vote for whichever candidate does bath salts. oh, and hot chick. wish her tits were filmed more

  15. romney doesn’t even know u can’t open a plane’s window, anybody who tries to recruit for him, deserves to be on epic fail……. how more of a corporation puppet can u get?

  16. Even if you don’t agree with everything that RippyMcSlams says, you have to give him props for the coherent thoughts and general understanding of the English language…….oh and he said, “secret evil lizardmen overlords”, which makes me a fan.

  17. Remember people, Obama was Selected, not Elected. If the congress is willing to turn heads and lie for Obama and his background – Obama WILL be re-elected. Our President was born in Kenya, Africa – look into it. 4 more years of Lies and Wars are coming!

  18. That’s evidence of a crime but the only epic fail here are the comments. No wonder the 1% think everyone else is a welfare cheat with both fingers up their noses. If you used this forum to judge you’d wonder if the collective iq in the US breaks double digits. Read a book you knuckle dragging slags.

  19. That girl looks 16 and that woman talking behind the camera sounded 40 something. Way to act mature by calling someone “honey bitch” someone’s been watching too much honey boo boo. har har har

  20. In wi, where I live, the dems brought in dozens of out of state petitioners and inciters during the governor recall. There are dozens of videos of registers filling having people sign multiple lists, a group of underage girls the guy gets to sign after offering to buy them cigarettes really sticks out in my mind, and people signing neighbors and family members up. I drove quite a bit for my job and I may have seen an honest estimate of 1:12 ratio of register booths in favor of the dems. But in the end only the dumb get swayed by what they see on the news whether it’s Fox, MSNBC, or local. News is always skewed towards a personal bias nowadays. No personal integrity on either side. Myself, a constitutional conservative that believes power should be shifted in a return to state sovereignty and FAR away from hands of anyone in DC, thinks it’s time to do away with a two party system.

  21. Obvious fake video is fake… Way to create an issue to put R’s in a bad light when everyone knows this is the D’s page 1 playbook

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