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    1. Wow another original thought that came straight out of your head. You must be related to 2lolo… Oh wait, are you his uncle?

    1. chances of dying with seat beat 10%
      chances of getting hurt with seat beat 90%

      chances of dying without seat beat 90%
      chances of getting hurt without seat beat 10%

      people win in vegas all the time.. ill stick with my seatbelt

  1. wheres the windshield? lol.. dumbass.. u dont think it broke after that hit and the airbag even flew out from the window

  2. i wonder who of them sleept the best b4 the crash the driver out the window with his blankie or the one in the woods?

  3. That was 100% staged! Now broken glass a wind shield is not made to shatter and no one drives any truck laying on the dash!

    1. I wish there was an emoticon that shows one smacking one’s forehead in exasperated disbelief at the stupidity of another’s post. I would use it here. ->

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