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  1. I would say: Die of AIDS, BITCH. Twitter name talking bout yo dirty pussy, BITCH. DF raised yo dumb ass, PLEASE don’t reproduce, Ass BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! But she already enforced all of my previous statements to be true. SMDH

    1. Papa, that’s a love crime. Brothers and sisters don’t hate other brothers and sisters, it’s just sibling rivalry.

    2. Damn then the black mother must be HUGE! HOW THE HE’LL DID SHE GIVE BIRTH TO ALL OF THEM? I know a stork drops off new young ones here, but I can only think of a black mother as a huge insect laying black eggs everywhere….

    3. I’m black and we are NOT all brother’s and sister’s so it’s not sibling rivalry. And no it is not a hate crime, it’s just mean but she shouldn’t have said all those mean comments about someone she does not even know. Yeah the girl is stupid but damn that’s really all that needs to be said.

    4. Oh that’s bad news then. Anyway I shall think of all of you being my bigger ass bitches. YOU ALL GET THE FUCK ON THE STREET AND MAKE ME MONEY! Or does Papa have show you why he is the smurf’s only papa?

    1. they should probably not have used perfect spelling and punctuation when trying to sound like a really dumb black girl too.

  2. the doctor and a counselor would have called her to come into the office and explain the results. their would be no mistake. this is fake!

    1. Dumbass,
      She’s obviously not a Mexican but black.
      What other race is that damn stupid?
      It must be a troll. They can barely speak English much less spell it.

    1. Did I say inches? Damn metric system — ruler was in cm oops…
      Your mom says that it’s still bigger than yours, and she would know — it’s always in her.

  3. Maybe not a fake. You can check your blood test results online, and there’s no doc to tell you that positive for HIV is a bad thing… Poor girl!!

    1. the doctor told her she is HIV Positive which that is bad but she thinks “Positive” means she does not have HIV when “Positive” means she does have it.. you get it now?

  4. You can take HIV test anywhere it doesn’t have to be a hospital (they’re even offered at thrift stores) so maybe they didn’t explain it to her…

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