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    1. @RUSTY VENTURE When you pointed out fails of those 2 gentle men, you are repeating the reality, if you understood my premise you FAILED as well

  1. If that was my legs , that cat would be easy to give a bath . Dead cats don,t mind a bath as bad as live ones do .

  2. no, dogs are not better than cats. put some damn pants on, get another person to help or better yet, don’t give the cat a bath in the first place. cats don’t need baths. they’re self cleaning doofus

  3. yyyyeah. when cats “scratch” you, they don’t actually just scratch you. they cut the shit out of you. and if you were to actually sit there with a cat slicing your legs open as many times as that guys scratched that would make you the idiot not the cat. that’d be like if your idiot dog was biting your legs and you just stood there letting it bite your legs 40 times and just said OH WELL GUESS HE DOESNT LIKE BATHS LOLZ

  4. ive never bathed an animal with my feet, but i’m curious…his ankles and feet are in pristine condition. inconceivable!

  5. Wouldn’t a cat scratch up your ARMS if you were trying to give it a bath?? I bet he was trying to do something “inappropriate” with the cat and he couldn’t even get that pussy! He really is a FAIL!

  6. I think I’d give that cat the ol’ Mike Vick treatment. Either that, or he tried to fuck it, in which case, he deserves worse!!!

  7. I used to get this on my arm when I would bail hay, it was an allergic reaction, I don’t think those are cat scratches. He probably was walking through a field of some sort. I base that off of the fact that the cuts aren’t deep and there are red spots, as well. Also, I have failed, as have all of you by posting to this website. GET A LIFE.

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