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  1. First … And to say This site fucking sucks big fat floppy donkey dick. Must have been taking lessons from master cock polisher 2lolo

    1. Hey Papa i saw 2lolo walking down the street kicking a can i said what are you doing 2lolo he said moving

  2. That was pretty awesome, so shut the fuck up. I bet that 1 legged guy will remember that for a long time.

    On another note, epic fail should just be FAIL’s, not wins. Should have a alternate site or section for it.

  3. this is ridiculous that the league allowed this. totally unfair. he has long crunches to allow rotation. not a kick at all. sadly PC getting carried away. should be in the special olympics with all the others with prosthetic advantages. not to mention is completely unsafe to allow this

  4. Everybody is probably afraid to even play regularly around him because they don’t want to be the guy that kicked a criples crutch out from under him.

    Cool, dude. You used poles to essentially give yourself three legs and kicked a ball into a goal. Now wiggle 10 toes and I’ll be impressed.

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