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    1. Wait… Does this mean that you can doggy-style her while looking at her in the eyes? Could it be a missionnary-dog-style?

    2. Froggie, you disappoint me. Doggie style is easier with this one because all of the ass is in the front. Missionary would be near impossible, and a 69 would damn near kill you — crushed if she’s on top and smothered if not.

    3. Tell you what. I’ll let bygones be bygones if we can try all three of the positions mentioned above.

    4. @ChienSale It will cost you $10.00 for all 3 positions with FRED…… Now it $10.00 American money… FRED don’t take any money from China!!

  1. that is what is called a “Booty-do” cause your “belly sticks out further than you “booty-do”!! lmao

  2. Bitch, please oh please kill yourself. You are fucking nasty.
    Luckily, we know that no one will fuck you, and the sperm banks are afraid that you’d eat all the specimens, so there is no chance of you procreating.

  3. 2lolo’s date waiting for him to get off work reminding him to get some flour to throw on her and go for the wet spot

  4. That comes from years of sitting on your ass and eating shit. Lying down a lot too. This fat, nasty, smelly chick is dedicated to her morbid appearance.

  5. @Pete,

    shut the fuck up and live with it, if u fucking cant handle this shit leave this site and let make fun of people they want, THEY DONT FUCKING POST SHIT JUST FOR YOU DUMB FUCK

  6. she had that day a super sized quarter ponder with cheese extra ketsup muster pickles onions *ew ew ew* a super size fry and a small cup of diet coke to watch her girlish figure hahaha

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