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  1. some people just don’t respect the life of an animal. if you’re going to kill it and eat it, therefore keeping your stupid ass alive, you could at least treat it a little more humanely. how fucking ridiculous

    1. yes this cow should be properly transported in the usual small cage/metal box. so much more humane and respectful. I mean as respectful as you can be to something you’re going to eat and wear the skin of.

    2. You know, we should just quit using domesticated farm animals altogether. Then what are we going to do with them? Let them go extinct?

    3. we can set up little cow reservations for them to live on. then they can live long happy lives of drinking and building casinos.

    4. Well, you’re right there. Then you and I can buy one of these scam Uhmerican trucks that are designed so that we can’t work on ourselves, go out and pick up shit all day, get paid minimum wage, pay extortionary taxes on what little we make and that’ll get the econonomy going again. Nevermind that we will steadily be going broke from having to pay for repairs and “shit”. At least we’ll be doing our part to get this deficit paid for and be good Uhmericans while the rich fucks make fun of us and bitch BECAUSE THEY’RE STILL GONNA HAVE TO PAY FOR DEFICIT BECAUSE YOU AND I DON’T MAKE ENOUGH TO DO MUCH DAMAGE TO IT! HA HA HA!

    5. You would have to sell all the gold in the world more than four times to be able to pay off the United States national debt.

    6. it’ll be fine. when it gets really bad we can just open our borders and invite the rest of the mexicans to come on over. then we all run over there and lock them out and tell em YOUR PROBLEM NOW PACO!

    7. I’m guessing it’s probably a little bit difficult to enforce getting your money back from the country with the largest defense spending on the planet.

    8. You know, Rip, I actually think that something similar WILL happen. When all the One Percenters decide to let all of us lowlifes starve and die that are not going to work for 50 pesos a day they’ll let all the Mexicans come back and do it, finance all to farms and shit to them and then get them in the same situation as they have all of us in now.

    9. Dudebro, I think that when the Uh. S. dollar is virtually worthless China will just say, “Oh, screw it! Just give us the technology and we’ll call it even.” I mean I heard three or four years ago that GE had spent enormous amounts for the past 30 years to develop some way to use lasers to simplify and refine uranium and was putting a factory in production of this. Why? Are they planning on building nuclear power plants in every small town in the Uh. S. I don’t think so. I suspect they’ll grab a deal with China to help build and provide theirs. And I suspect that will pretty much be the way the rest of the corporations in the Uh. S. will do, if they don’t just all pick up and move there anyway.

    10. @Bex- If we are going to treat the animals that we eat “humanely” then thy not just eat humans? The only reason you need to treat cows well is so they taste better. There are over 7 billion people in the world. I say let’s just eat the stupid ones…

  2. What? Seatbelt IS mandatory you know, and they care so much about her they fasten several seatbelts on this sexy bovine.

    1. it’s really incredibly tame compared to most other things people do to cows between the fields and the slaughterhouse. *shrug*

    2. Better than What I tend to do when I lead a pig to slaughter… Take a bat and bash its head in, may take a few swings but very satisfying to see a fat limp lifeless husk. Kinda like 2lolo’s mother , but instead of a bat I use my smurfing pole.

    3. Doesn’t seem so cruel to me… They could be waterboarding that cow, but they aren’t. The cow should be thankful

    4. It’s funny how some folks couldn’t give a fuck less about their fellow humans, yet they get all bent about an animal that does little other than tongue-fuck its nostrils.

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