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    1. @Sheldon, What do you have a Cunt or a Dick?? If you have a Dick Papa Smurf would love to have you in bed…..

    2. I know you seem to hold me high in your fantasies and daydreams, but I told you before I don’t do men or ugly orge-ish women like your self.

  1. There is about an arms length clearance between the two trains at the closest points, she’d have to try very hard to get hit… but still… stupid.

    1. Yes it’s true, I even fucked it’s mother and it’s sister. Didn’t know it till the clothes were off. The whole family look like a bunch of hairy assholes even from the front… 2lolo why didn’t you tell me your family didn’t believe in hygiene?

    1. because…we have poor self preservation instincts? if you hate us, how is that a bad thing for you? derp.

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