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  1. Okay, I’ve seen a few photos of this ridiculously photogenic ray, and I need answers. Is it real? Staged? Is there a place in the world where suddenly a ray, a bloody big ray, jumps on your back while you’re practically still on the beach? And finally, where can I get one?

    1. they do sometimes come close to shore, they do tend to leap, and they do really have “faces” like that.

      but apparently some tourist places have little enclosures where you can swim around with the more docile ones, which is probably what this is.

    2. This is at stingray city, cayman islands…its a huge sandbar in the middle of the ocean where the stingray know humans will feed them. They give you squid to feed them and if you dntn give it to them right away they’ll kind of rub your back to coax it from you. Its still pretty hard to get an awesome shot like this

  2. i just cant believe that this stingray is actually posing for the photo. it looks like he has his arms around the girls and he is actually smiling. this is priceless.

    1. it’s…an animal. it’s not “posing for a photo”. it lives in the ocean. it doesn’t know what a camera is. etc etc.

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