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  1. If it was still bleeding, it was freshly killed, so should be fine to eat. It’s not like people don’t eat deer meat, and it doesn’t matter if you kill it with a gun or with a car.

    1. All good points. However, you typically don’t see Carrion listed as menu items at restaurants. I wonder what they were planning to sell it as? Venison doesn’t really taste like beef.

    2. I agree with John. And from up here in New England, if you hit a deer with your car and it dies or has to be put down, you are allowed to keep it and have it butchered.
      And deer meat is so fucking good.

  2. well, its good know im eating something else, i was getting tired of rats, cats, dogs, horses and dead chinese people on my chop suey!

    1. That’s ChienSale home.. In the back of the Restaurant, Where ChienSale sleep, Eat (from the trash can) and have SEX….

    2. Now Subby, how the yuck did you came to the asumption that he’s chinese? Don’t tell me it’s just because the retard kept calling him ChineSale for a while. The guy is allergic to the Quebecoises, I’d use this as a clue to place a bet on his nationality.

    3. I’m sure that the restaurant owners were just trying to fit in with the locals.
      And Froggie, how did you know that I’m Puerto Rican?

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