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    1. @BBandBracelets I love to see you giving birth… As you push and push…… Got any more birthing videos……

  1. You forgot to put witty little note next to the dog making light of the fact that you didn’t bother to train your pet.

    1. My dog should take a picture of me with a little note that says, “This guy made me fat and he thinks it’s funny”

  2. dog fucking WIN!!! iam fuck off with these cunts going on about there fucking i phones what ever the fucking number of them. those retards queuing up out side to buy one should be shot up the fucking bell end.

  3. You people are stupid. It is a staged photo.

    First, where is the packing material?

    Second, look at the headphone chord. It has been wrapped around the apple device. They do not come from the factory like that retards.

    Third, it is too small to be a Iphone.

    Fourth, Dogs hate black people not phones.

    Fifth, don’t believe every thing you see on the net.

  4. He seems so content about what he did here.. I think he did a good job ripping off the box, if you have a dog, why would you buy technology ? ! they want to play with you, don’t you get it? Dog Vs technology , I chose DOG , for sure! a man’s best friend is a man’s best friend; people!!

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