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  1. I think you need to speak the language to understand the humour in this one. What country was this? Doesn’t sound European…and I don’t recognise the celebrity in this video.

    1. Yeah, it’s been a while. I discovered Chat Roulette and Omegle about six months ago… been webcam masturbating with other men online ever since. How have you been? Is 2lolo still disabled? Are you still a pervert?

    2. I’ve been trying to curb my tendencies; no luck, yet. Bastards keep spamming me with that Asian FriendFinder shit.
      I’m reminded of you every time I’m in the grocery store and pass the Nutella aisle. Thanks a fucking lot.
      2lolo is still fuckwitted.

    3. Nutella is so 2011. I’m more into peanut M&Ms now. I get butt-naked in my kitchen, get down on all fours and empty a family share pack into my anal cavity. Then I shriek “CAW CAW, CAW CAW” and my pelican (Dave) swoops in to dig out as many M&Ms as his throat pouch can carry. You should find an Asian friend to try it with you some time.

      So did I miss much during my absence? Do you like peanut M&Ms?

    4. You really didn’t miss much, Fred is still Fred, 2lolo is still retarded, KELTA is still a fox, and Well This site still sucks balls like 2lolo’s mother … Which is horrible, worst than a dime store Hooker.

    5. Well, yeah, you’ve missed quite a bit. Not sure how to summarize it all though.
      I like peanuts, but I’m not much into candy. Being an alcoholic seems to curb my appetite for sweets. I do know a few little Asian cutties that I like to play pelican with. Peanuts just makes them thirsty, though. They’re more into Brazil nuts.

    6. At first I thought “Mh, but how do we know it’s the real NNN and not a copycat?” And then I read the third comment.

      Welcome back.

    7. Look at the symbol it has been the same since he has been here… I still remember when he first commented…. Damn I have been on here for too long.  ̄︿ ̄

  2. The person rapping is Machine Gun Kelly. He is from Cleveland, Ohio. He was hired to perform at the Microsoft Store in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, Georgia on September 28th. Microsoft did not realize what type of a performer he was and he quickly went in to his performance of using extremely vulgar language in front of the crowd, which included children. Microsoft had to cut the performance short and get the police involved to escort Machine Gun Kelly out of the store.

    Amazing the type of info you can find just by using google.

    1. This was not a Microsoft event, it was for The Source, it was just held at one of their stores. MGK stated he did not destroy any equipment and the cops were not called. Amazing what you can find when by using Google correctly.

  3. @Nick No Name, How’s Pineapple??
    As for FRED he is still a Pervert and still selling his Ass on the street for his SEX CHANGE…

    1. I heard PINEAPPLE was EUTHANIZED for RAPING your mom’s AA sponsor… can’t say where I heard that though.

    2. The REAL 2lolo died getting someone’s engagement ring out of a Red Roof Inn toilet. That’s how selfless he was.
      *drowns a puppy in front of toddler*

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