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    1. I doubt it’s Photoshopped. It’s most likely a steel boned corset. They give you about a 8-16 inch wait reduction depending on how tight you lace it. She obviously has hers a bit too tight for that dress

    1. Kim, you’re probably an asian westernized litle brat from a public school who bullies people on a daily basis with the help of your fake friends .. SORRY HAD TO SAY IT. So, am I right?

  1. I don’t know how or why bigger girls end up with strapless dresses that accentuate the worst things possible at a wedding. I’ve seen this happen multiple times and it’s always a shame. Sometimes you just look bad in the dress you really like. It’s like a balding guy trying to rock a cool hair cut. Sometimes reality has other plans. The shadow from the hand also makes this look way worse too.

  2. I’d say this is more a bride fail/dress win.The fact that the dress hasn’t split yet says a lot about the maker.

  3. I’d say it’s more of an epicfail fail for posting this… really? since when did this turn into a fashion column… -.-

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