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    1. I was planning on taking them out to introduce them to a thing you humans call hygiene, and Chinese message parlor/water… πŸ˜‰ happy endings all around.

  1. His hoodie says “Just Do It”.
    Tomorrow, he’s going to bring his own dear girlfriend, and shoot them emo smooshy kids in the head. And I’ll be there to shake his hand.

  2. Lonely feelin’…deep inside
    Find he corner…where I can hide
    Silent footsteps…crowdin’ me
    Sudden darkness…but I can seeeeeeeeeee
    No sugar tonight in my coffee
    No sugar tonight in my tea
    No sugar to stand beside me
    No sugar to run with me

    1. Hey Fred, do you play an instrument? I think we had this discussion before but I couldn’t find the comment thread.

    2. I once played guitar and drums abit. I haven’t played in a few years, though. I wasn’t anything to what you would call professional, but I enjoyed just screwing around with others that played. When I was a kid I took piano lessons and got pretty good at that. There was a time that I dabbled with the violin, too. I took lessons for both piano and guitar, but not for any thing else.

    3. I started to buy one about two months ago. An old Washburn. It was in a little too rough of shape, though. I had a good Washburn once and I like them.

    4. We talking acoustic or electro? I’ve got a Washburn semi-hollow 335 copy electric that’s fun to play and has killer tone, but I’ve never been too impressed with their acoustics.

    5. This was an electric. I think it was what you’re saying you have.
      I had an acoustic once and I liked it. It was easy to chord.I’ve had about three acoustics and two electic. I had a Les Paul copy/remake, a Strat electric copy. I bought the Strat in Germany with one of those Marshall amp stacks. The head and two speakers? That was a nice little set up. I had several of those different peddles which were cool too.

  3. dude come on don’t be mean thats how it is 4 me theres couples EVERYWHERE in my school and only the ugly chicks are free so im single too id be that kids friend and you would all mock him till i put my foot up ur ass and a shove a black guys 3 foot dick in ur mouth

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