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    1. @FRED I remember that story…. I was in a Casino Restroom taking a piss.. Someone came up to me and ask if he can suck my cock….. As I piss in his mouth…. That was the first time I meet FRED………….

    2. Yeah, well, your fantasies aside, I remember the first time I met you. It was here on this site. And I remember you saying some unintelligible gobblety gook shit and me thinking, “For fuck’s sake! What a fuckwit!”

    3. @FRED A Fuckwit is better than a Drag Queen on Crack….. Who want to be a Female but smoking all
      his money he make… JUST KEEP AWAY FROM MY COCK…………..

  1. i dont realy pee on my kid. but i work security and when i run across a bum on my prop i wake hm up with a nice piss to the head.

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