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  1. This is why America is so hated by everyone else in the world. We would rather watch this honey boo boo fat bitch than watch our own presidential debates. It’s official…..we’re fucked!

    1. Speak for yourself, I don’t even know who honey boo boo is. Seriously.

      *microwaves Hot Pocket, stuffs it down pants*

    2. I’d vote for Honey Poo Poo. Bet she could talk about the real issues instead of subterfuge and misdirection.

      *pours non-dairy creamer over Meow Mix, enjoys midnight snack*

    3. I can’t vote in American elections anymore since I became an expat. I eat more bacon & maple syrup now. Things are okay for me.
      *gets peed on by own mother*

  2. Guys I heard 2lolo and her moms legendery…….This is my third time I am logging this time But I heard alot of things about 2 of them…..

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