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  1. What the fuck is, “IT” doing on the cover of MENS Health?! when justin starts growing facial and body hair, and his voice changes then we’ll talk.

    1. Maybe not, for once, pedos can buy some fapping materials without any shame or fear of getting caught by the cops.

  2. WTF happend to our idea of health. are men supposed think that being a 16 year old stick figure with no muscle what so ever is the new health icon?

    1. Intelligent people don’t subscribe to these stupid magazines any more anyways. Every article is designed to sell some crap. They’ve resorted to trying to get kids to buy this shit. Intelligent people subscribe to Star or Sun.

    2. @FRED Try using Toilet Paper.. Using Star and Sun leave prints on your ass…. JIMMY can’t read…..

  3. Justin Bieber’s secret to perfect pecks!? he’s got the pecks of the 10 year old girl…. wtf? who writes that stuff hahah

  4. I don’t think the part that needs highlighted is the “Men’s” part, but more so the “Justin Beiber’s Secrets to Perfect Pecs” part, what FLIPPIN pecks?!?!?! That kid doesn’t have a body, he still looks like a boy waiting to hit puberty.

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