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  1. Well atleast you know hes hydrated. And im not seeing any crumpled up napkins so you know he probably hasnt beat his dick on the comp lol unless hes jacked into the bottles of piss LMAO

  2. My desk used to look like this when I was addicted to WOW. Except I didn’t ash on my keyboard, and would never drink heineken because it tastes like reused douche water.

    1. WOW defines down to “world of wankers”, IMO.
      Coming from witnessing an addict myself, and being so close to one.. He would have rather jizzed on his keyboard, rather than ashed on it..

      True story.

  3. Yeah, this is one of many reasons why I couldn’t care less about my ex-boyfriend, anymore. This shit was just accumulating. Fast..

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