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  1. LOL…no one on this web likes cuteness ^^ fails are good n funny but sometimes beauty is nice too dont you think ppl….

    1. even if we have to trust the ppl sending the pic on the same day thing…but same spot ^^ and they are adorable

    2. you’re right. and it’s just so close minded and immature to only enjoy fails. people like that think they’re being cool, but they’re really being extremely lame.

    3. I’ll hit you with a spoon if you’ll drop hot wax on my inner thighs while I’m blindfolded and bound…

    4. lol kelta, one can love hardcore sex and still appreciate cuteness….for instance tell me where you live,that i can show you what you brag about all around this web lol maybe youll be scared ^^ i didnt say it has to be all like this lol but i didnt see the sense in the 10 first comments, its just suprising and cute ^^ anyways wish everybody alot of fails, shouldnt be hard with more overpopulation than ever,and more stupid ppl too hehe…

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