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  1. Pitiful, just plain pitiful… sexing a blowup doll. Downright pathetic. This guy threw in the towel HARD! Oh well, water finds it’s own level.

  2. At the least he´s not takin it out on another person.. =)

    Maybe he´s got a collection of em.. like sheep and a goose etc.
    One for every weekday.

  3. How the fuck is this pathetic, if it was a woman with a vibrator you would say things like “hot” “modern woman” “independent” SO WHAT THE FUCK

  4. i get why this guy goes for her… beats a really ugly ‘real’ chicks, which is probably all he can pull. but that blow up doll doesnt look ok with it…. ='( poor blow up doll. rape is never a joke… even on plastic…

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