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    1. Not ALL of us are stupid, you idiot! We only lack Math Skills, because ur Education systems, seem to find Math unimportant. Sadly, I never learned my basic Algebra, until the past year. Though, I went to a REALLY shitty school. Lol!

    2. yeah, that is why it asked for minimum amount… can’t believe you didn’t read the whole problem dumb ass

    3. it’s “the minimum number of six-pack” jackass
      stop to be pround because u know how to use an calculator

    4. It’s actually ’17’ six-packs. If you would have read the question correctly you would have gotten it right. Funny shit is that your blatant disregard that since “Americans” don’t live in your country of origin you believe that the internet is a way to sort out such frustration. Now since you probably (making an ASS out of U and ME) you’re better cause you used a calculator. I only learned basic math. AND dropped out in tenth grade. I just did that in my head. Good thing I deal with numbers all day at work or I would shit out of luck!

    5. Well i think the right answer ist 25 – because when i want 2 play 99 bottles, i have to 17 for the game and 8 for the way from supermarket 2 home -> otherway my troat will get dry ;p

    6. comment reply WIN!!!!!
      Stupid foreigners think they are smart but really they got it all wrong just like the rest of there country. hahahahahah

  1. What’s the big deal? Here in America we invented a little something called a calcalator. Never herd of it? Probly cause your contry is too poor. By the time you counted on your fingers we could had the answer in seconds. Bet none of you couldn’t figure it out with no calcaltor.

    go back to school learn how to use one

    1. Because there are calculators doesn’t mean you don’t need to know your maths. I’m sorry for you your education sucks and you’re dumb AF but when I was in kindergarten (KINDERGARTEN!) I learnt how to count. The years after that I learnt my maths without using calculators by writing it down and thinking. Even now when I’m allowed to use a calculator I still use my FUCKING brains because I’m not FUCKING dumb like a CERTAIN dumbfuck on here.

    2. Wao, in my country we donΒ΄t need a calcalator… We use something called BRAIN πŸ˜‰
      YOU should go back to school and lern hou to use yours πŸ˜‰

    3. learn how to spell you fucking moron !!! did u even graduate from high school ? people like you make Americans look like complete idiots . An ignorant racist saying that other countries are too poor for calculators . We don’t fuckin need calculators fagget we use our brains something you are not used to !

    4. Actually, it was a man from Germany named Wilhelm Schichard who first invented the automatic calculator…

    1. Thats great, but could you have figured it out? Sure your kid might be smart, but that doesn’t say if you’re an idiot or not.

    1. I am sorry, that you feel that way. Obviously, you must only hang out with stupid women, so you don’t feel inferior, eh? Usually, that’s the MAIN reason, why men speak like you do, and what not.

    2. He’s absolutely right Zoey. Most women are dumber than shit. I’m sorry that you feel the need to stick up for ignorant bimbos (which may or may not include you) but some of us realize that women are creatures ruled by hormones that change like the tides and not by logic and reason.

  2. By the way @Funquard Ebinses, North-Americans DID NOT invented the calculator fool. Go back to school learn some Universal History, also AMERICA is a continent. Not a country.

    1. Actually, North-America is not a continent either. The continent is the whole America. Is like if you say Eastern-Europe is a continent…. So stop being an a$$hole about geography and go back to school.

  3. I think her annoying fucking laugh and lack of social skills was alot more embarrassing than not being able to do math.

  4. ChienSale a Math question.. ChienSale if you have sex with 5 MAN and each Man pay’s you $2.50 how much money will you have?????

    1. That kind of makes arithmetics more interesting to me, all of a sudden. They should’ve used it a long time ago! In physics to! “If you are in a plane which goes at a speed X, at Y distance of a tower, how much time will have the people in the skyscraper to jump?”

      Probably dug my own grave here.

  5. you dont need a calculator to solve that problem. some people are dumb, some arent. simple.

    so when you see your kid watching spongebob instead of doing homework, then you shouldnt be calling this girl stupid

  6. From the way she was laughing I wanted her to lose. As she;s laughing Meredith is looking at her like “You’re such a fucking idiot” lol

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