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    1. HAHAHAHAHA YEAH WHAT TAN LINES HUH HUH HUH??? all i see is a smoking hot ass too although its not really smoking but i definitely want a bite of it because i can’t!

  1. it’s printed on the pants, giving it a see-through effect, it’s meant as a joke.

    but still a fine looking ass, even though it probably belongs to a kid, o well, she’ll turn 18 one day and I’m sure that ass will still be mighty fine.

    1. Unless she gets pregnant and ends up on MTV looking like a fat whore. Thats what most cute teens do. Nice ass still? Yuck.

  2. she’s like 12 and the girl in the front is like… 13, and that would explain the tight ass. she hasn’t had a chance to grow up and become a fat waste of space yet

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