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    1. well, it has 3 milk bottles, comsume the largest one is for the big baby, and the medium one is for the right corner one, and the tiny one is the for the baby of the right corner one, so yeah, that would be 3 babies.

  1. Well… this was done by an artist called Darren Cullen. Shit was even in the Daily Mail. Just check out the Daily Mail’s website and search for the artist’s name… one more time epicfail has fallen for a joke…


  3. I believe that’s the new “HONEY BOO BOO CHILD” DOLL! I thought it was a fail because the big bottle looked like a DILDO and the smaller ones look like VIBRATOR BULLETS, but then I scrolled down!

  4. @BBandBracelets, I seen your Birthing Video on “You Tube”…… DAMN!!!! What a BIG CUNT you have.. FRED just POP OUT like a COW giving Birth….

  5. Does the abdomen pop open like the trunk of a car so you can put the pregnant baby into the baby’s belly, or does it have a hole in between the legs?

  6. Ok, so your a little girl, most likely being a “baby”…and you have a baby…who has a baby inside of it. And if that wasn’t enough, that baby inside of your baby also has a baby in it…BABYCEPTION MINDRAPE!

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