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  1. That is not a fool proof method. There are too many pregnant cunts still smoking ciggs. Most women really dont care and they will drink, smokes ciggs, and do drugs and only care about themselves while forgetting about the child that they have growing inside their body.
    Women (at least many of them) are fucking stupid and should just be killed before procreating. This planet does not need any more accidental children.

    1. In your first paragraph Deadly, you seem rather humanist. And then one sentence later you become a complete fascist, lol. But yeah I agree. We need to stop having so many children. Or at least stop having stupid ones.

    2. I think we should be temporarily sterilized at birth. When people want to procreate then they must submit to testing. Parents should be held to higher standards as they should hold their children to high standards.

    3. I reckon people need to apply for a licence to have kids, and need to pass basic tests in order to breed. I think the first test should be an IQ test. Anyone who gets under 100 is an automatic fail.

    4. thank god DF was here to tell us that this was not actually a foolproof method of quitting smoking though! that was a close one!

    1. Excuse me, but I am a girl (not a bitch and I hate people that call women that) and I find that comment extremely sexist. Not ALL women are idiots, most are not. But there is a small fraction of them that are morons, and what about men? You get stupid men as well, thank you very much.

    1. Mildly retarted? Couldn’t be your finger then, that would be a full blown retard finger up my ass.

  2. naturally no one has even considered that this person was probably just joking. assuming this is any more real than any of the other facebook posts here.

  3. This is a great example of why the American economy sucks so bad retards keep procreating and apparently to quit smoking. fucking morons.

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