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    1. why he is fail ?!?!?1 beacuse he is fat ?beacuse he like something so much?I ADMIRE THIS GUY.he want something and make something about his dream.he like ninjas and want to be a ninja,yeah his is fat and SO WHAT ?!?!?!?FUCKING` HATERS

  1. IMO, no more ridiulous than Forest Whitaker plying a ninja in “Ghost Dog”. I like him as an actor, but a ninja he aint…

    1. Yeah, Kobura is right. He was totally a samurai. Because that’s far more believable. Good movie, though.

  2. Why do fat people always hate water so much? He should be hacking up bottles of whatever sugary drink surely contributed to his sad state.

  3. every bottle is a bully. a thin person. a bad guy.
    this guy is a hero in his own head. he says to his mate after each bottle: “could you imagine if that was a person?”
    he is a psycho in the making.
    ofc, he should grow up and learn something really, but that just isn’t going to happen.

    1. He won’t be a psycho. Just a recluse. Staying in his studio apartment plotting evil plans, but never actually getting off the couch and computer to do anything.

  4. Besides that he is fat it is pretty cool. He is just showing his swords which are really sharp. Fuck it that he is fat, most americans are.

    1. thats kinda what i was thinking, if you ever took your friends three hundred dollar sword and started hacking shit with it you would know that 90% of swords cant cut for shit and that it takes a technque to cut through something. so even though he is fat as hell, it does take tallent to cut through the bottle and leave the bottom half on the table.

    2. 90% of swords you see can’t cut through shit because they’re dull edged display swords that aren’t meant to be used.

      when you have an actual one that is razor sharp, amazingly it has the ability to cut through things. all you have to do is swing your arm as hard as you can. it takes absolutely no talent to do that.

    3. Yeah Rippy is completely right. If you have enough time on your hands to sharpen a sword that mostly are meant for display in a @) year old anime freak’s bedroom, you would get anything sharp enough to cut through a freaking little plastic recyclable water bottle. This kid obviously has issues with anti-social behavior. Its not funny, but this kid definitely needs some psych help

  5. If this guy were skinny i bet it would be a “Ninja Win,” and you all assholes would be saying OMG THAT’S AWESOME! ok the guy is fat, and has a pretty cool hobbie, while you all are bullying here in the internet, you suck, i bet you wouldn’t dare to say a word in front of him!

    1. Umm, pretty sure 99% of us would call him a fat fuck to his face. Even if he has his sword, all you have to do is jog for 30 seconds. He will tire out and probably fall on his own sword.

    2. Also, cutting up perfectly good bottles of water is a waste. He should drink them, and throw away the 300 Mountain Dew cans next to his computer where he sits his fat ass and plays World of Warcraft. “Stop Bullying” How about “Stop being pussies and stand up for yourself”

  6. I fail to see how this is a fail. Is it because of his weight? Who cares about his weight, he’s good with a sword, and that’s all that matters. And about him wasting water, who cares, its his water he paid for it, and its not like him using it will cause bottled water company’s to manufacture more water, so its not really a waist at all. And even if he wasted all that water, that’s hardly enough to even fill a bathtub, to his wasting of water doesn’t even slightly effect anything.

    1. 1) much water wasted including cola.
      2) bottom half of the bottles was meant to stay up.
      3) the bigger water bottle and it’s stand shouldn’t of fell.
      he failed as a ninja big time

    1. 1) much water wasted including cola.
      2) bottom half of the bottles was meant to stay up.
      3) the bigger water bottle and it’s stand shouldn’t of fell.
      he failed as a ninja big time

  7. Fat ass needs to put the water bottles at the end of the drive and run to them, then chop. Do something useful you waste of life.

  8. Sorry to bust all you faggoty foreigners bubble, but this lard ass is not American. He sounds like he is either a British or Australian faggot.

  9. I’m sorry but this kid has major anti-social behaviors… its definitely an epic fail and and laughed my asss off on this kid’s miserable behalf but it’s terrible to think this little guy eats his pain away and jags off to anime and plays with novelty items that shouldn’t be sharpened unless we enter an apocalypse and theres a turf war with little recyclable objects… kinda sad dude… seriously..

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