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    1. His mom DID abort him. That’s why he’s so powerful. It’s a tale of revenge. He’s hideously deformed, walks with a limp, has a scary voice, lives in a lair, has minions, etc.

    2. fyi, you use your arms in those, notice how there is two sets of chains on each side. if you pull towards you your lower body will swing up, let go it goes down.

  1. These are actually really cool and fun to swing in, and all the trolls who are bashing disables and the kids in the picture need to back the fuck off, these swings are safer for little kids not just the disabled, so back the fuck up, get a life, and grow up.

  2. wtf, either these where invented in texas, or yall are just way behind the curve. they had these at my school when i was in 5th grade, i remeber thinking they where something else when they first got them we would play on them and usally end up getting hurt becouse of the sharp edges, anyway im 25 now so that was over a decade ago.

    1. Guess your school must have cut the English budget to afford them.

      Not every school has kids in wheelchairs, you know.

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