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    1. @Wreck it Ralph
      First off, I must say that I admire your courage. It must be hard living in the world today as a lady-boy. Society judges, oh lord do they ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bla Bla what ever !!!!!

      BTW ME??? YE ME?? YES İM NOT HOMO!!!!

      No Homo-!-!-!-!

  1. @Wreck Ralph Mouth

    Your a Lady- Boy, Damn!!! Where the hell all you FAG’s Come from??? I know JIMMY was born that way ……

  2. It’s certainly sweet, but they are fairly old for LEGO’s, no? Well, it could be worse I guess; they could be 2lolo

  3. Odds are they are lego master builders, which believe it or not is a real job that pays quite well. With a job like such and the odds that there are most likely woman who also love legos, they are probably married with kids of their own. Why are some people here such douches for no reason what so ever?

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