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  1. “Give us a break.” How about you give yourself a break to maybe practice every once in a while? Maybe then I won’t consider throwing empties at your head.

    1. “Hey! Remember all that ‘timing’ bullshit that we talked about earlier? Let’s just say fuck all that foolishness!”

    1. Sounds slightly worse than the original. The only thing Kurt Cobain was good at was aiming a shotgun.

    2. nevermind is in top 5 sold albums in music history, their music changed so many things and music itself, he was good at many things, i bet you are 15 or something dudebro…

  2. This is perhaps the easiest popular song in the history of Mtv. It requires no talent or musicianship to master. I could fart this song with a Kazoo up my ass. The fact that some kid who actually owns a guitar cannot play it makes me concerned that he has M.S.

  3. i got happy at first……then the tempo went in to like slow motion then everything went wrong…………………FAIL!!!

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