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  1. Seriously? The correct answer is God? What the fuck happened to the separation of the church and state? Children need to learn about the big bang as well! Dumb ass fucking bible hugging shit teacher.

    1. The statement said “Circle THE MOST CORRECT answer”! The most correct answer doesn’t mean it’s already true. According to poeple belief i think it’s a good answer. I agree with you too because such a question has nothing to do in a school test…

    1. It’s a Christian school. In the middle east they teach the quran in public schools and no one says anything.

    2. there are a muslim and a jew in a catholic school.

      One day the teacher says: childrens, i´ll give a bag of candy to whoever tells me who was the most important man in history.

      the muslim raises his hand and tells: “Muhammad”
      The teacher sweetly answers: “No, Jamal, close but not exact”

      The jew raises his hand and tells: “Jesus”
      The teacher congratulates with him and gives the bag of candy.

      After school the muslim says to the jew: “I was expecting you to answer Ibrahim…”

      The jew says: “Abraham is Abraham, businnes is businnes.”

  2. There is insufficient evidence to support this claim. Any minimally educated entry level scientist would be able to tell you that. Time to revoke a teaching license.

    1. I’m pretty sure this is a catholic school. I went to one for 12 years and saw questions like this a lot. I am now an atheist.

  3. I believe in God but I find this wrong. School is supposed to teach you about the science version of how the world came to be.

    1. There is no ‘science version.’ There is the current state of scientific understanding, and the tripe taught in churches as absolute fact.

  4. It’s bullshit because if it was a religious school, they wouldn’t believe in the dinosaurs or any of the geologic timeframes mentioned and the Earth would only be around 4,000 years old.
    And no regular school would have the God question. This is just a made up thing designed to get religious and secular people at each others throats.

    1. that’s not how it works. I am by no means defending religion of any kind, but “religious” does not equal creationist, which is the belief system you are describing.

  5. Obviously this is a private school. but if this parent knows that this is bull why are they sending their daughter there?

    1. If their school system is anything like Cleveland Ohio it would be so there kid would actually learn something or maybe the parents believe and the kid knows it bull shit

    2. Not everyone who goes to catholic schools are actually religious. A friend of mine went to one because her parents just didn’t want them in public schools…until they realized there were more drugs and violence at the religious school.

    1. I think the answer is Zeus. ¿Why can not be Zeus? Zeus is a God, too.

      And Yes… Only in america. The scary is that these people can be the finger in the button of nuclear arms… Please, normal people of america, dont allow they be the power!!!

      (Sorry my poor english)

  6. If my kid brought home a test like that and it was marked wrong for the answer this girl put i would flip shit private school or not there is no proof god is real but we do have evidence of the big bang even if it isn’t complete