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  1. Well, looks like I’m first this time… but sure not first to say: Damnit, is it just me or is this site getting GAYER with every fucking day? These people are just OBSESSED with dicks… that’s what I call ÜBER-GAY…

    1. LMAO poopr…I was seriously going to type the exact same shit. This website is fuckin’ obsessed with dicks. Whoever runs this shit must like the D.

    2. Thanks. Well the main problem isn’t even the dick obsession. The main problem is that 99.9% of those pics are just not funny at all. We should demand a moratorium on “penis fails”… and on that fucking “3d art” faggotry – geez, there are so many other sites for that… and also on “texting fails” as 90% of them are obviously fake.

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