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    1. Those “what if the Russians had won the cold war” comments are as fascinating as stupid. How old are you to still ramble on that? 86? Do you remember how sunny it was in Normandy too?

  1. PULL THE FUCKING SHUTE IN YOU MORON!!! Fucking Russians… you can always count on them to eff something up. They are such amateurs in everything they do. We roll the dice every time we ride one of their erector-set space capsules to the space station… thanks Obama for canceling our manned space program. Asshat.

    1. Well, Romney told business owners to tell their employees to vote for him or lose their jobs, so we won’t have to put up with Obama much longer. Romney will square everything away. He’s smart. Heh! Heh!

  2. Can’t you cut a military parachute in case of a failure? On a regular parachute, you have a handle to cut your main parachute free so you can open your backup.

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