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    1. yes what a little bitch, and you now what, he’s probably the type that struts around all huffin’ and puffin’ too

  1. I just don’t understand the need for guys to get earrings…who are they trying to look pretty for? Do they have boyfriends they are trying to impress?

    1. I Don’t know, I got a Jacob’s ladder, nipples pierced and my right eyebrow. And as I recall a Jacob’s ladder is only a guy piercing.

    1. @FRED……. TRUE 100% TRUE !!!!!!!!!! I don’t want a boyfriend when I have a Girlfriend and JIMMY sister… FRED when are you and JIMMY getting Married???

    2. fred 2lolo went out with my sister she told me he didn’t have a dick and he smelled like tuna fish and sweat

  2. Better get him a man purse to go with those girly earrings. A man with an earring hopes those man parts fall off and and a fat wet vag grows in

  3. News Flash white people , when your friend is telling you he’s not joking, stop laughing. Dumbass crackers always be laughing when they’re friends be hurt. Thats why I’m voting Obama again

  4. The thing that pissed me off the most about this video is that the girl wearing rubber gloves kept touching her shirt, her hair, etc. Very unprofessional for someone who is performing what should be considered a “sterile” piercing. But I guess you can’t expect much, getting it done from a mall kiosk.

  5. omg when i got my top of my ear done the girl did it and i was like “was that it?” i didn’t even know she did it. wtf this dude had a really low pain tolerance obviously

  6. Riiiight. My three year old girl didn’t even cry when she got her ears pierced. What a fuckin’ pussy.

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