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    1. Just a harmless prank, there are way more fucked up things some people do to each other. IMO: if you cant take the heat you stay away from the kitchen, same goes for drinking.

    2. Thats what it says on his icon. Are you being defensive because I called out your boyfriends name?

    3. When you look like an idiot play the gay card. Scumbags have been doing for decades to debatable success.

    4. I dont play cards, just noticed that his name comes up very often. The evidence is almost on every other page.

    5. I’ll tell you what, Scumbag, you talk some shit to 2lolo one time and see how much he you get your name mentioned. Let’s see how your relationship goes with him.
      Yeah, then let’s see whos boyfriend he is.

  1. I don’t know who is the biggest moron here. The guy that drank so much he is near alcohol poisoning or the dumbass friends that think it’s funny to put rice in an unconscious persons mouth. Bet they wouldn’t laugh and snap photos when he starts choking to death.

  2. I think all y’all who are making the negative comments about the person who posted this photo should EAT DA POO POO!

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