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    1. If you’re going to make a call on grammar and punctuation, do it right. Illiterate Americans. Fucking envious foreigners.

    1. and when we end up with Romney all the dumb cunts like this will be left sitting wondering why he didn’t magically simultaneously completely fix the debt and the economy and bring about world peace without violence all through the vague power of “strong leadership”, cuz omg he totally said he would do all that!

  1. The funny thing is: Even after an orthographical cleanup it would still be wrong. You can’t simply use “a village” as a plural noun, similar to “the people”. It should still be “IS missing”, even when referring to the village community (as opposed to a single physical entity). While use of “their” as a possessive pronoun is debatable in that context (due to the aforementioned reasons) it’s hardly incorrect but “A village [..] are” is incorrect in any case.

    1. Well, given the lack of intelligence of this person as evidenced not only by poor orthography (which admittedly is a matter of EDUCTATION after all) but also by the statement itself which, even if not explicitly racist, still borders on racism as there’s a clear implication that Obama should “go back where he belongs”, I apparantly just PRESUMED that the aforementioned deficiency would also lead to poor grammar.

  2. Walking up to a black girl she don´t even know saying “I don´t care how ghetto you are” WOW. . . Black=Ghetto. . She deserved every one of the 47 punches LOL

    1. I like how within 1 minute you went from saying she was a Republican (“still not as dumb as obama supporters”. it strongly implies that you believed at that time that she was a Republican. don’t deny it.) to saying she is secretly a Democrat and trying to insult the intelligence of anyone who didn’t immediately see that she was (theoretically) a secret Democrat. It’s like listening to a Romney speech.

  3. She is obviously passing a very big BM, and has the heavy duty paper towel roll next to her to take care of it. But since you can’t flush paper towels, she will have to go out back and use “there” dorm dumpster.

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