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    1. They do still pick cotton here in NC, but now they demand a fair wage for it… can you believe the nerve?

  1. I don’t find anything funny about it. This should become a professional business, unfortunately black people aren’t that professional.
    Does this nigga have a certificate of authenticity? Does he come with a background check? I don’t believe that he can’t be asked to do anything illegal, it’s their nature.

  2. Funny how you all automatically perceive a nigga to be a slave or an African American, he is a COON for posting such a dumb ass post and calling himself such a word but maybe he is a ‘nigga’but you all are naive and blind if you don’t think there are more white niggas in the world than any other culture. Last time I checked nigga was a term used for ignorance which you all have displayed in your little simple minded comments.

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