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  1. Actually, sometimes I have to do this with my car. When I run it down to E, air gets trapped in the tank and the nozzle clicks off, thinking the tank is full when it’s not. An easy way to remedy it is putting it in upside down. This is not a fail at all.

  2. comment fail… aNon- seriously??? “when air gets in my tank I have to do this…”??? air is always in your tank along with the gas lol. The nozzle you were using was probably just a little janky

    1. And you know what I mean, so don’t be a doucher. I know there’s air in there along with gas. So how about I explain it so you’ll understand? The AIR PRESSURE CHANGES so the sensor on the nozzle that keeps it from over flowing thinks that there is gas coming back up, but there is not. Jerk.

  3. Actually say u put in 20 bucks in at the cashier.. when it stops alot of fuel is still in the hose.. and to get it out is that way and lift the hose alittle bit..

  4. I hafta do this all the time. With defective nozzles it doesn’t always stay clicked.. For some reason it stays flowing upside down

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