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    1. Well, as pure materialist atheistic rationalist I have to say being gay is not absolutely OK in terms of biology. By that I mean that homosexuality prevents individual from fulfilling the purpose of life – to reproduct. On the other hand, homosexuality is present also amongst other spieces which are considered closest to human in terms of intelligence, so it is natural in a way. Said differently, complexity of our brains can lead to behavior that contradicts basic instincts. This inducts my opinion: homosexuality is not nomral, but is not wrong. I also distinguish gay and lesbian, basing on original maternality/paternality of society, but that’s another story.
      Now forget about that stuff and just admit they are two hot lesbians kissing which makes them superhot.

    1. What!? the bible says terrible shit about homosexuality, homosexuality includes women too well dumbass.

  1. Yeah, they got some balls, but still, they`ll go to hell, indeed, I am a believer, I believe what hapen 2012 years ago because it`s documented and Big Bang Theory, I find it, I dont know, not true, from nothing cant appear an explosion, when you have nothing you dont have anything, including your laws of physics which say that there can be an explosion… my opinion…

    1. i cant believe there are still people like you living in this world. why dont you just fucking die piece of shit. you are so pathetic, how can you believe in god? the earth is the center of the universe?? you, your wife and everything you know is a a bunch of atoms you asshole. soul does not exist. god does not exist. at least physicists try to unveal the mysteries of the universe. you just please you mediocre mind the easy way, believing some shit you read on a book and that some other pedofile priests tell you. these girls are going to hell? wtf. do you really think that there ir a horrible place for “bad” people’s soul? come on… common sense dude. and you pretend you argue physics with logic, asking that an explosion cant come out, then where did your fukcing god come out? huh? he was just forever chilling in the universe…
      damn you made me angry…

    2. I’m 99.9% sure these girls have no balls, literally. And I’m 100% sure there is no need for god in our universe. Thus, by Occam’s razor, I’m sure there is no god.
      Bible is fairy tale. Believing that bible’s content really happened is the same as believing Winnie the Pooh is real.
      That stuff you’ve described as your reason for not accepting physics comes directly from your ignorance, incomprehension and inability of logical reasoning – and these are the qualities which are strenghtened by religion.

    3. God was always there and from nothing an explosion occured… both are strange. Bible isnt a fairty tale, historians used Bible to find some artifacts, data is true. Bible isnt a simple book.

    4. No. He believes it’s like 6000 years old and that talking burning shrubs, talking snakes, capricorns and Winnie the Pooh are real.

    5. yes I understand that that’s the typical creationist idiot mentality, but why use the year 0 AD as a comparison to the big bang theory then?

    6. LOL i just dont know why anybody did answer this poor mustache….i’ll just say BIG FAIL on the comment and thats it, spokk you wont teach anything to him,as you said, he doesnt think rationnally so dont waiste your energy 😀

  2. mustache, jesus said—> ‘kill urself’ sincerely, a fellow jew…..

    ps> (2012-going on 2013) its time to evolve or die, what ppl do in their house is nona ya buzz wax. stop spending ur time caring about others preferences and go clean up the enviorment or sum din

  3. It reminds me of this photo shared on social networks, which has been taken a few days ago in Marseille. Write in Google “Le baiser de Marseille” and you’ll see what I mean ;). I didn’t know this picture was so famous that it managed to be famous in USA ^^

    1. No need for burning toxic waste. It’s enough to produce a lithium-ion accumulator for their beloved electric/hybrid cars. That is a real threat to the enviroment, because lithium mining and energy consumption of the process have in fact much worse effects than production and whole lifespan needs and emissions of a normal cumbustion engined car.

  4. I believe in God and I believe in equality. Tell me why it’s wrong other than regurgitating something that was written in a book by a man a long, long, long time ago! I choose not to believe God makes mistakes, so we are who we are meant to be. Love is precious AND rare don’t begrudge others for where they find it!

    1. What’s wrong? If woman is attracted to another woman where is your place say anything? As I see it anyone judging them need themselves be judged harshly.

    2. I don’t understand. what do eggs have to do with it? do you think eggs are produced asexually?

    3. that is Why “Fury” must be a virgin. He doesn’t understand the concepts of attraction at a more physical/emotions level that is beyond just the formation of producing an offspring.

    4. I heard a story once about a guy who stole women’s shoes to jerk off in. technically by bible standards as long as your “seed” doesn’t touch the ground you’re not sinning, so by catching it with the shoes he thought he wasn’t doing anything wrong. not that I’m comparing anyone here to that guy. heavens no.

    5. Eh, Why use a shoe? I use a pastry bag So I can spread my “icing” to all the lovely women of Bakers Street. Illinois

    6. Fury, our civilization is originaly patriarchal. Lesbians are in fact not so wrong because the original structures include polygamous relationships with one man and multiple women (guess how these amused themselves in the meantime). On the other hand, homosexual men are unjustifiable in this same civilization.
      Such a shame people allowed religion to ruin that great system.

  5. “Jesus said: 1 man + 1 woman = marriage” … I highly doubt that Jesus lacked the ability to communicate in full sentences. And btw. those who ever took time to actually READ the Bible might be surprised that in NONE of the four gospels you will find even one word about homosexuality.

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